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On my Mind

Updated: Dec 31, 2021


This story contains vulgar language, alcohol use, past trauma, and sexual content between two men.

NSFW section will be noted for the reader.

If there are any grammar mistakes or the wording sounds off, I apologize. I've only used Grammarly and had to proofread it myself.


This story takes place within a world created by our group's Dungeon Master, Clinton Stang.

Also, events happening here in this short story are placed 63 years before I play Lucian in our D&D campaign.


This story is about our loveable bounty hunters, Kaladin Stormblessed and Lucian Gemblade. Kaladin is a tall man with black hair and pale skin fitting his half high-elf heritage. Lucian is on the shorter side, being a Dwelf and all; he has marron-colored hair, and his skin is a sun-kissed tan. They're both working in the city of Windofor, turning in bounties and making some sweet, sweet coin.

Windofor is the capital city of Erada and an essential port for all manner of trade across the Farrenal Sea. The capital is divided into four districts: Malachite, Obsidian, Pearl, and Emerald. The Malachite district is comprised of homes and shanties for the working class of the city. The Obsidian district houses the Drow community and the gem mines that Windofor is known for, thus the naming conventions for the districts and well-known establishments. The Pearl District is a gated community for the city's leaders and other nobles living within its walls. Higher-end shops and inns are also found here to accommodate the needs and wants of the more well-off individuals. Finally, there's the Emerald district; just about anything could be found here right off the port. Such as trade markets, shops of all kinds, taverns with various foods and drinks, cheap lodging, and a multitude of guilds offering work for anyone looking to make a little coin.

The streets were bustling with workers and shoppers alike in the Emerald district even as night took hold of the city. The last rays of the sun peeked over the coastline as Kaladin and Lucian stepped out of the bounty hunter guild house. Today was quite profitable for the hunters, their coin purses feeling much heavier after collecting on a completed contract. The cool autumn breeze could be felt off the sea, bringing a chill to Lucian's skin. Feeling ready for food and some well-earned relaxation, Lucian starts down the street in the direction of the Cracked Gem, a tavern they stayed the night before. Kaladin's voice caused him to pause.

"Hey, Lu, why don't we treat ourselves tonight and spend some of this coin," Kaladin said, jiggling his coin purse.

"You mean I'll get to order all the food I want?" Lucian asked while trying but failing to hold back his excitement. Kaladin let out a hardy chuckle and placed an arm around the shorter man's shoulder.

"More than just food, my friend. All the ale you can drink and a bed fit for a noble. What do you say?" Kaladin asked, looking down at Lucian with a bright smile.

Lucian returned the smile, "Let's get wasted!" Kaladin chuckled again. His laughter and smile were too infectious; Lucian couldn't help but join in.

"That's the spirit! Onward to the endless tankards," Kaladin announced while ushering Lucian down the street, for their destination lay in the Pearl District.


The streets were packed with people coming and going from stores and food stalls. It took some navigating through the ally ways and side streets to make their way across the crowded district. Stepping out onto the main road, they finally saw the gate to the Pearl District. Upon reaching the said entrance, a male high elf guard stopped them from going further. The guard eyes both hunters up and down, but his stare lingers on Lucian.

"We don't allow nasty half breeds like yourself in the noble's district," the guard sneered as he addressed Lucian's mixed race, being dwarf and elf. Lucian turns his head away from the guard's glare, feeling ashamed for something he has no control over. A sharp gasp caused Lucian's head to snap back to find Kaladin grabbing the front of the guard's tunic, forcing the man to look him in the eyes.

"Look here, you high-born piece of shit! That's my friend you're talking to, so show some respect. Clearly, you are too stupid to recognize us, so I'll spell it out for you. Do Stormblessed and Gemblade ring any bells in that thick skull of yours?" The guard's pale face somehow managed to become even paler upon hearing their names, also stalling the other gate guard for intervening.

"Thought so. Here's the deal, you're going to let us by, and we can act like none of this ever happened. Or I can have a word with Captain Madian. Man, I can't imagine how disappointed he was with his troops when he had to outsource help from bounty hunters to catch a murderer. It would be a slap to the face when he finds out that his guards were harassing said hunters. So pathetic," Kaladin finished saying, waiting for the guard's response.

"Welcome to the Pearl district," the guard said in a low, meek voice.

"Thank you! See, that wasn't so hard," Kaladin dropped the guard and gave him a sarcastic smile. The dark-haired man placed a hand on his friend's back and gently pushed Lucian through the gateway, lingering to give the guard a side-long glare before following.

The pair walked in silence for a while before Lucian spoke up, "Thanks, Kal, for standing up for me back there."

"Of course, Lu. I'm glad I could help. Next time if anyone tries to look down on you or treat you less than, speak up, don't let them walk all over you. And don't worry, I'll be there to have your back," Kaladin said, smiling at him and squeezing the shorter man on the shoulder.

"Thanks again, Kal," Lucian returned his friend's smile.


The hunters made their way down the less crowded streets of the Pearl District, passing by a menagerie of storefronts. There was one in particular that caught Lucian's eye.

"I wonder what that shop sells. They don't have anything on display," Lucian says while trying to get Kaladin's attention. "Maybe we can just peek inside real quick," Lucian said over his shoulder to Kaladin as he crossed the street.

"Wait, which store are you talking about?" Kaladin asked, turning around to face the red-headed man.

"This one, it's called the Gilded Lily," Lucian said, pointing to the storefront. Kaladin's eyes followed the same direction and saw the sign above the door. The sign's design was faithful to the store's name, a golden lily but made in a way that suggested something more provocative. Right away, Kaladin knew what that store was selling and was able to catch Lucian by his shoulders before opening the door. Kaladin steered his shorter friend away and down the street before Lucian could argue.

"Hey man, I was just wanted to look inside," Lucian said, trying to look behind him, but Kaladin's taller frame blocked his sight.

"Maybe another time… oh hey, look, there's the inn. Your hungry, right? Let's go eat," Kaladin said, sputtering and trying desperately to suppress a blush from growing across his cheeks.

True to his words, it didn't take long for them to reach the inn's courtyard. The building looked immaculate and well cared for compared to other inns they've been to in the past. The path leading up to the front door was lined with flowers and bushes; leaves of orange and red colored the greenery noting the change in season. Magically infused lanterns lit up the walkway and illuminated the elegantly carved sign hanging above the double doors; it read 'The Lapis Lazuli.'

"Are you sure we’ll be able to afford this?" Lucian asked, getting worried for his newly acquired wealth.

"Yes, it's fine. We have more than enough," Kaladin said reassuringly, holding the door open and urging the shorter man to step inside. The foyer was warmly lit, and smells of sweet and savory foods made for an inviting atmosphere. The short entryway led to an open space; off to the right was a pair of double doors. A handsomely crafted staircase winding its way up to the second floor to the left. Leaving the front desk in the middle, where an elven woman waited to greet them.

"Welcome to the Lapis Lazuli. I'm Torial. How may I assist you, gentlemen, on this fine evening?" asked the wood elf receptionist. She gave them both a cheery smile and a short bow.

"Hello, Torial. My friend and I would like to rent rooms for the night," Kaladin said, walking up to the front desk.

"Two rooms?" Torial asked eyebrow raised as she pulled a logbook from behind the counter.

"Yes, two rooms," answered Kaladin. Lucian walked up beside the taller man, waiting to be checked in. The elven woman flipped through the book before finally settling on a page. She dragged her index finger down the paper, stopping on an empty line, "Rooms 10 and 11 are available. Will this work for you, gentlemen?"

"Sounds like we'll be right next to each other. That works for me," Kaladin said. Lu nodded his head in agreement.

"Wonderful!" Torial beamed. She moved the book around where the hunters could read its contents. She brought out a quill and ink well from behind the desk, placing them next to the book.

She lightly tapped the empty line on the page and said, "If you don't mind, please sign your names here for the rooms. Also, rooms are two gold each, so four gold pieces total." The shorter man's eyes widened at the price and gazed up at his friend of a reaction. Kaladin produced four gold pieces from his coin purse and handed them over without missing a beat.

"I'll go retrieve your room keys, excuse me," Torial said, giving a slight bow before exiting into a room behind the counter. Kaladin picked up the quill and quickly scratched out his name. He handed the quill over to Lucian, "Your turn." The red-headed man took the quill reluctantly, staring at it, then at the book.

"I’ve never written with a quill before,” Lucian admitted, ears becoming red from embarrassment. He continued to stare at the book, not wanting to meet Kaladin’s gaze, when he felt the taller man behind him.

“Here, I’ll show you how it’s done,” Kaladin took Lucian’s right hand in his own. The dark-haired man guided Lu through the process, and he was able to sign his name successfully. All the while this was happening, Torial watched silently from the door frame, hand placed against her cheek and a sweet smile on her face. Only taking a moment longer to watch, the elven woman joins the hunters again at the front desk, their room keys in hand.

“Here are your keys. Your rooms will be up the stairs here and down the first hallway on the left,” Torial said, gesturing to the stairs. “And if you plan on having dinner, the dining hall is to your left through the double doors here or down the back staircase on the second floor.”

“Thank you, Torial. You’ve been a big help,” Kaladin said. Lucian chimed in as well, “Yes, thank you.”

“I’m glad to be of service. I hope you gentlemen have a lovely evening,” the elven woman said, giving them a bow as they made their way up to the second floor.


After making a quick stop to their rooms to drop off packs and change into some casual attire, the two head down to the dining hall for some relaxation. When they first arrived at the inn, the smells were inviting, but when entering the dining hall, the aroma can only be described as mouthwatering. Braised meats, grilled vegetables, aromatic cheeses, and fresh bread filled the room, beckoning the hunters forward. The space was filled with a lively atmosphere, patrons enjoying their evening with food, drink, and good company. A small group of musicians played on a corner stage toward the front of the dining hall.

Maneuvering between occupied tables, Kaladin found an empty one for Lucian and himself. After settling in at the table, Kaladin scanned the room for a server. Finally eyeing one, he waved them over.

A short human approached their table, “Evening, I’m Finley, what can I get you two?”

“We’ll take two of the biggest meals you have to offer and two tankards of ale,” Kaladin said, adding in one more item to their order, “Also, take two shots of your best whiskey.”

“Okay, so, two king’s platters, two ales, and two shots of Bronzejaw’s Dwarvian whiskey. It’s pretty strong stuff, by the way,” Finley said, questing his choice.

“The stronger, the better,” Lucian said, anxious to get his grub on. Kaladin nodded his head in approval.

“Alrighty then, the meals and drinks will run you three gold, six silver, and eight copper pieces.” Kaladin fished out the coinage and handed them over.

“Y’all order will be out shortly,” Finley said, giving a quick smile before making their way back to the kitchen. The hunters chatted for a bit while waiting for their order; Lucian brought up the topic of their next job.

“I saw a high-paying gig posted at the guild house today while you were finishing up some paperwork. I think the name on the contract was something Malafor, I don’t know; it sounded pompous,” said the red-headed man wanting to hear what his partner had to say.

“Yeah, I saw that one too. Let's pass on that; we’ve been offered a gig down in Estril, and the client will be covering our room and board as well.” Kaladin goes on to say, “I don’t trust nobles, this Malafor dude sounds like he’s into some shady business, and we are not about that, Lu.”

“I know, just would love to get a big enough payout so we can take a break for a while instead of going from job to job,” Lucian said, letting out a long sign.

“I hear you, man. I would love to travel down to the Endar Coast and spend some quality time with...," before Kaladin could finish what he was saying, Finley arrived with their order.

“Here’s your order, boys. Enjoy,” Finley said, leaving before either hunter could thank them. Kaladin grabbed his shot of whiskey, gesturing for Lu to do the same.

Lucian couldn’t help but think about what Kaladin was about to say before their food arrived and had to ask, “Kal, what was it you were going to say about the Endar Coast?”

“That’s not important right now. What’s important is kicking off this amazing night,” Kaladin raised his shot to Lucian. The shorter man felt a bit disheartened at Kaladin’s dismissal of his question, but Lucian didn’t let that keep him down and ruin the mood. He picked up his shot and clinked it against Kal’s glass. Both men downed the liquor. The flavor was warm and smoky with a bit of spice, giving the sensation of tasting the glowing embers off a stoked forge.

“Gods damn, that was good!” The red-headed man exclaimed, placing his glass back down on the table.

Kaladin let out a cough before saying, “Yeah, it burns real good.”

With the shots done, their feast laid before them. Their plates were filled to the brim with meat, veggies, cheese, and bread to leave no man unsatisfied. The meat was a braised beef brisket glazed in a sweet, tangy sauce and so tender that a knife wasn’t required. The vegetable dish was a mix of grilled squash, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and charred cherry tomatoes for a pop of flavor, all smothered in herbal butter. Thick slices of smoky Gouda and buttery Havarti cheeses paired with some berries. Finally, a half-bread loaf to round out the meal with a tankard of ale to wash it all down. The hunters reveled in the pure bliss the food brought about; no words were needed to express how delicious the meal was. Another round of ales was ordered before the two finished their dinner.

Lucian leaned back in his chair, feeling full and satisfied, sipping on his tankard of ale. Kaladin did the same, propping an arm over his chair and looking over the noisy dining hall. The lively atmosphere became rowdier as the night went on, and many intoxicating drinks were had. Patrons steadily began to get up, venturing to other forms of entertaining than idle chat. Some danced to the up-tempo music the band was now playing. Many played cards or other games of chance, but most wandered from table to table till finally leaving, seeking a bed to sleep off their drunken haze. After ordering another round of whiskey, Kaladin turned back to the table.

“So Lu, you going to go dance?” Kaladin asked, giving his red-headed friend a shit-eating grin.

“Hard pass. I don’t think even drinking a whole bottle of whiskey could get me out there,” Lucian said, shaking his head and taking another sip of his ale.

“Oh, come on, man. You’re so agile and quick-footed, you would be fine,” Kaladin said, trying to instill confidence in Lucian.

“You are not wrong about that, but it doesn’t mean it will translate well to dancing skills. Also, without a dance partner, I would be a flailing drunk,” Lucian said trying to dismiss the idea.

Kaladin swept his arm out, gesturing to the whole room, “There are plenty of ladies here. I’m sure one or two would be more than happy to dance with you.”

Lucian brought his tankard to his lips and mumbled into it, “That’s not who I’m truly interested in.”

“Huh?” Kaladin said before he could ask what Lu said, their shots arrived.

“I have a better idea, lets go crash someone’s card game and win some coin for more drinks,” Lucian offered, plucking his shot from across the table. Kaladin thought for a bit before grabbing his glass.

“You know what, that sounds like a great time. I’m in,” the dark-haired man said, raising his shot. Both hunters downed them, with the familiar smoky spice on their tongues, they set off to find a card game to hijack.


The hour was growing late; the volume within the hall was much lower now as many patrons left for the night, including the musicians. Some stayed like our hunters, Kaladin and Lucian, slowly drinking their umpteenth tankard of ale. The two sat at an empty table that once was a boisterous card game they could be a part of. Many games were won, and just as many were lost, but drinks kept coming regardless of who was paying. It was safe to say both were feeling pretty buzzed at this point in the night. Lucian was holding his own, unlike Kaladin, his cheeks being a rose pink and eyes half-lidded, his state of intoxication evident. They sat there in comfortable silence till Kaladin spoke up.

“Hey Lu, gotta question for you. If you could get with anyone in this inn, who would it be?” Kaladin asked, leaning over the table, eager to hear the short man’s answer. The answer was not a hard one for Lucian. The tricky part was whether or not if he should risk it going poorly. Lucian made a show of looking around the hall to stall for more time to think.

‘This could be the opportune time to express how I feel. Besides, Kal is so drunk he’ll probably shrug it off as me being silly,’ Lucian thought, feeling ready to give his answer.

“To be honest, I've only ever had one person on my mind, and it's you, Kal," Lucian said with a sincere smile on his face. He looked up to meet Kaladin's eyes to find the taller man no longer leaning over the table but sitting straight back in his chair, a surprised expression on his face. His cheeks were a scarlet red now, either from embarrassment or anger; Lucian couldn't tell. Kaladin cast his head down, seemingly starring at his tankard. The moment dragged on for a long while, creating an awkward silence between the two.

A sinking feeling formed in Lucian’s gut, making the alcohol he had turn sour. His answer brought on a reaction Lucian wasn’t prepend for. Having it laughed off or seeing Kaladin get frustrated by it would be much more bearable than the utter dread Lucian was feeling from this silence. The shorter man quickly got up from the table, unsure if he paid for his drink or not. So he slapped down several copper pieces before turning away.

“I’ll leave now,” Lucian said, back still turned, desperately wanting to escape this tense situation he brought about. He left the dining hall to the second floor, not once looking back at where his partner still sat.


Lucian made it to his room’s door, hands shaking as he fumbled with the key on the door’s lock. He managed to steady his hand long enough to turn the key and make his way into the room. Feeling hot and on the verge of getting sick, Lucian splashed his face with water for the washbasin sitting on a vanity in the corner of the room. He leaned forward, resting his head against the mirror, watching the water slowly drip from his face. Closing his eyes, he waited for the nauseous feeling to pass before moving again.

While toweling the water off his face, he noticed how wet his shirt had become, so Lucian removed it and threw it with the towel onto the floor. He kicked his boots off before sitting at the end of the bed, physically frustrated with himself. Rested his elbows on his thighs, Lu hunched over, holding his face trying to calm himself down.

‘I fucked up. I took a gamble on sharing my feeling for Kal, and it seriously backfired. Just as things were getting good, I seemingly managed to fuck it up. Typical me, can’t do anything right. He’s not going to want me around anymore. I’m so stupid, I should have never said anything,’ Lucian’s mind raced, his inner critic making him feel worthless.

“I’m going to be alone again,” Lucian choked out, feeling warm tears roll down his face, unable to hold back this deep-seated fear of being abandoned. Tears still wet on his face; he got up to remove the rest of his clothes so he could crawl into bed.

His pants being the only clothing left to take off, Lucian started unlacing the drawstring when Kaladin stumbled into his room. In his haste to wash up, Lucian forgot to lock the door. With Kaladin’s sudden appearance, Lucian reflexively started to back away from him.

“Lu, we need to talk,” Kaladin said, pointing at Lucian after shutting the room’s door. Being unable to read his mood, Lucian continued to back away from the taller man till his shoulders hit the wall. Kaladin followed him across the room. As he got closer, Lucian tried to sidestep around the bigger man but was caught before he had the chance. The dark-haired man pushed his right hand onto Lucian’s chest, below his throat.

He continued till an audible ‘oof’ was heard from the short man when his back hit the wall, preventing him from running. Lucian grabbed at Kaladin’s arm, chest, shoulder, and at anything else to give him some leverage to push the bigger man off, but he won’t budge. Kaladin grabbed and pinned the smaller man’s wrist with his free hand, trying to rest his movement.

Lucian was trapped and had no other opinions left to run. Tears welled up in his eyes, and he blurted out, “I’m sorry. I’ll leave and… you’ll never see me again, I promise. Just…just don’t hurt me.”

Lucian’s words shell-shocked Kaladin. Realizing how forceful he was acting, Kal immediately let go of the shorter man. Kaladin caught a glimpse of Lucian’s eyes at his viewing angle before he hid his face. Lu’s eyes were red and slightly puffy like he had been crying before Kaladin entered the room. Kaladin felt ashamed of himself. He never intended for it to go down like this, having his actions betray him.

The tall man reached for Lucian’s face, gently touching his jawline, which caused the shorter man to flinch. Suppressing a new surge of shame, Kaladin tries again, lightly cupping Lucian’s face and tilting it up to meet his gaze.

“Lu… I’m sorry. Gods, I’ve never wanted to be the one who made you cry, let alone hurt you. I messed up, but please hear me out before you make any decisions,” Kaladin said, almost whispering the last part. Lucian finally met Kaladin’s eyes and nodded, giving Kal his full attention.

Seeing Lu’s confirmation, Kaladin let out a shaky breath, “…okay. When you said that I was the only one on your mind, at first, I thought you were joking but seeing how genuine your smile was, I knew you meant it. Hearing that solidified feelings that I’m be shrugging off as just friendly affection. It threw me off so much. I didn’t know how to answer.”

While Kaladin was talking to Lucian, knowingly or not, his thumb slowly caressed the short beard along his jaw.

“I’ve been so confused as to why I’m feeling this way for a man, but whenever I see you smile, it brings happiness I haven’t felt in a long time. So, I guess it doesn’t matter at the end of it all. I’m in love with you regardless.”

Placing his hand on the wall to brace himself, Kaladin leaned forward till his lips brushed against Lucian’s ear, whispering, “I’m willing to explore these feelings if you are.”

The warm breath from his words causes goosebumps to spread down Lucian’s neck and across his bare chest. The red-headed man was flooded with a mix of emotions; excitement, happiness, longing, but mostly relief. This situation was a misunderstanding on Lucian’s part, and Kaladin fumbling on how to express his emotions didn’t make it any easier. With Kaladin’s confession, the short man felt safe to act on impulse by tenderly kissing Kal’s cheek.

“So I’ll take that as a yes?” Kaladin asked, letting out a soft chuckle.

“Of course, big guy!” Lucian said as he wrapped his arms around the taller man’s neck for a hug. Kaladin scooped him up into a tight embrace.



The sensation of their bodies pressed together left Kaladin wanting more. Still holding Lucian up, Kaladin used his body to steady the petite man against the wall, leaving Kaladin’s hands-free to explore. Kaladin brought his hands up to cradle Lucian’s face, using his fingertips to comb through his red hair and lightly caressing Lu’s lips with his thumb. Lucian’s eyes fluttered close, and rested his hands on Kaladin’s broad chest, soaking in the attention.

Through half-lidded eyes, Lucian peered into Kaladin’s and slowly used his tongue to wet his lips. Taking that as his queue to act, Kaladin pressed his lips onto Lucian’s smooth, supple ones. The spice from the whiskey lingered on Kaladin’s breath, tempting Lucian to suck on Kal’s lower lip. A soft moan escaped Kaladin’s parted lips, feeling aroused by Lucian’s tongue. Both men pulled apart from each other and needed to catch their breath, panting heavily from their heated kiss.

Hungry to taste more of his new love, Kaladin attacked Lucian’s lips again, kissing him fervently. Their lips glided across one another, every kiss becoming more heated than the last. Kaladin probed at Lucian’s lips with his tongue, sweeping it back and forth in the hopes of deepening their kiss. Lucian teasingly met Kal’s tongue with his own, barring him access to his mouth. Seeing as how the shorter man keeps toying with him, Kaladin burred his fingers in Lucian’s hair at the base of his skull and gave it a light tug.

This causes Lucian to gasp, creating an opening for Kaladin’s tongue to get inside. He quickly dominates the small man’s mouth, tongues rubbing against and swirling around each other. As if they were dancing inside Lucian’s mouth. A muffled moan could be heard from the redhead, feeling pure bliss from Kaladin’s skillful tongue play.

Lucian could feel himself sliding down, so he quickly hooked his legs around Kaladin’s hips and grasped at his shirt, not wanting the moment to end. Feeling the smaller man desperate to hold on, Kaladin grabbed Lucian’s hips and pulled him in closer. The taller man felt his manhood grind against Lucian’s, causing the short man to break away from their kiss and moan out, “Ooh fuck, yes.” Loving the sound he produced from Lucian, Kaladin continued to move his hips, creating a new, delicious sound with each thrust.

Lucian tugged on the bigger man’s shirt, heavily breathing, said, “Kal…bed…now.” Feeling like he got his payback for Lucian’s earlier teasing, Kaladin did what he was asked and carried the short man to the bed. He laid him down and sat back, straddling Lucian’s calves so he could get a good look at him. Lucian’s cheeks were thoroughly flush as well as his neck and chest. Kaladin watched Lu’s heavy chest falls as the short man caught his breath, gazing at his exposed skin.

He bent forward, tracing his fingertips along Lu’s hips, up the sides of his toned core, and across his hair-covered chest. The light touches tickled his skin, causing Lucian to shudder. Kaladin continued to pet him, using his thumb to rub on the petite man’s perky nipples, earning him a soft ‘hmm’ from Lucian’s lips.

He led his fingers back down over Lu’s lightly defined abs and trailed over his pelvic hair till he reached the rim of Lu’s pants. Kaladin palms Lucian’s covered member with a knowing grin and gives it a slight squeeze. Lucian groaned and bucked his hips for more, but the bigger man let go and sat back to watch Lu’s reaction.

“Kal, don’t be a tease,” Lucian said in mock frustration.

“Look who’s talking. You’re the biggest tease. Everything about you is screaming, touch me,” Kaladin retorted with an adoring smile.

“So then, what’re you going to do now, big guy? I’m starting to feel a little cold,” Lucian said, clasping his hands behind his neck and seductively biting his lower lip. “Also, take this gods forsaken thing off,” Lucian scoffed, using his toes to lift Kaladin’s shirt.

“I better warm you up then, huh. Skin to skin?” Kaladin removes his shirt and toss it to the floor. Revealing a broad, muscular chest covered in dark hair that also trails down his chiseled abs. Lucian quivered at the sight of Kaladin’s robust build, anxious to feel his body on top of his own.

Kaladin positioned himself in between Lucian’s legs and grabbed his thighs, pushing them up so Kal could lay on top of the redhead. He gently pressed his hips onto Lucian’s and braced himself on the bed with his elbows, their noses almost touching. Lucian felt Kaladin’s warmth envelop him, blocking out the room's cool air. All except for the amulet that hung from Kal’s neck, the cold metal pressing into his chest.

“How’s that, feeling warm yet?” Kaladin asked, placing a kiss on Lu’s nose.

“Mhmm, much better,” Lucian coed, bringing his arms around to hug Kaladin close and caressing the contours of his back. Kaladin continues to kiss across Lu’s face, planting them on his cheek, his jawline, finally resting his lips on the side of his neck. He planted several more before tasting the tender skin of the smaller man. Initially, all Kaladin could taste was a salty flavor, but breathing in Lucian’s natural aroma of sandalwood and tart berries brought an underlining sweetness to his skin. He eagerly sucked at the flesh, drinking in the redhead's scent and flavor. Lucian dug his fingers into the big man’s back, and soft whimpers dotted his breathing. His neck was a major erogenous zone, so much so that Lucian could feel his arousal hit a peak.

The short man was desperate for release, so he quickly patted the back of Kaladin’s shoulder, saying, “Pants are too tight, starting to hurt.”

Breaking away from his skin, Kaladin knew what Lu was implying and set to help him finish disrobing. Kaladin shimmied the tight pants down and off Lucian’s legs, along with his underclothes, throwing both articles to the floor. Lucian throws his head back in relief, his erection no longer restrained by skintight clothing. The bigger man looked over Lucian’s sprawled form, exposing every inch of his body. Grasping Lu’s inner thighs, Kaladin slowly massaged his way up, earning a pleasing sound from Lucian. He rested his hands on Lu’s hips, drawing circle patterns with his fingertips. Kal turned his head away, seemly thinking about something.

Lucian sat up, bracing himself on the bed, “What’s wrong?”

With cheeks flushed, Kaladin said, “I’ve never done this before, so I…,” before he could finish talking, Lu cut him off.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m used to it. I’ll take care of you instead,” said the redhead reaching for Kaladin’s waistline. A hand on his chest stopped him from moving any further.

“You didn’t let me finish. I was going to say that I may not have any experience in pleasuring a man, but please be patient with me as I learn how. You are mine, Lucian. I’ll be damned to the nine hells if I left you unsatisfied,” Kaladin said with a scarlet flush across his face, growing from ear to ear.

Sex has been one-sided for Lucian, lots of taking and very little giving, always leaving him feeling used. Lucian felt hopeful for their budding relationship upon hearing Kaladin’s words and his willingness to try for him. Lu squeezed the hand placed on his chest and kissed Kaladin before laying back down. He grabbed a pillow and propped his head up for a better viewing angle.

“Okay big guy, I’ll try my best not to giggle when you're being clumsy. Some quick tips though, do that tongue thing you were doing on my neck. Also, stroke it like your own dick, and the rest will come naturally,” Lucian said, giving Kal a wink.

Rolling his eyes at Lu’s pun, Kaladin smiled, “Thanks for the confidence boost, man.”

“Not a problem, glad to help in your time of nee…,” Lucian trailed off as Kaladin kissed right below his belly button. Dragging his lips down the redhead's happy trail caused goosebumps to form on his skin. Gently grasping the base of Lucian’s manhood, Kaladin stroked him several times, testing out how firm he should be. Kal knew he hit the sweet spot when the short man moaned out, ‘oh yes… like that.’

Thoroughly wetting his lips, Kaladin took the tip of Lu’s penis into his mouth and gingerly mapped its shape with his tongue. Swirling it around the head and massaging the underside of it produced a deep groan from Lucian, “Oh fuck, Kal.”

The redhead wanted to feel more of Kaladin’s hot, wet mouth around his cock. He brushed through Kal’s swept-back hair, softly prompting him to go deeper. Complying, Kaladin mouthed more of Lucian’s dick, his hand firmly grasping the rest. He worked both in tandem, sucking, licking, and stroking Lu’s shaft. Eyes fluttering from the euphoric feeling, Lucian tightens his grip on Kaladin’s hair.

“Ooh, just like that…don’t stop,” a whimpered plea from Lucian’s parted lips, feeling close to orgasm. His core tightened, and his back arched as Kaladin increased his tempo.

On the verge of climax, Lucian called out, “So close… about to cum.” The bigger man kept up the pace till Lucian came, spilling out inside Kal’s mouth. Careful to not let it drip, Kal slowly pulled his mouth off Lu’s dick and swallowed the salty fluid. Wiping glossy lips off on his forearm, Kaladin gazed at Lucian’s panting form. The lit lantern on the bedside table illuminated the light sheen of sweat covering the short man.

“Dear Gods Kal, you’re a quick learner,” Lucian breathed, using his whole arm to wipe the beads of sweat from his face. Kaladin gave him a smile and a rough kiss on the forehead in response before getting off the bed. The short man sat up, watching the tall man’s movements. Standing at the side of the bed, Kaladin started unbuttoning his pants.

Lucian liked where this was going, so he hurried across the bed to be seated in front of Kaladin’s package. He was eager to help Kaladin out. The two made quick work of pulling his pants down, and Kal kicked the unwanted clothes aside. With hands resting on Kaladin’s hips, Lu drank in the sight of the tall man’s erection.

“Damn, Kal, your so long and thick. Gods, I might not be able to walk tomorrow,” Lucian teased, giving Kaladin’s dick a nice long stroke.

“Lu, don’t say stuff like that,” Kaladin said, hiding his red face with a hand.

“Why not? Does it embarrass you?” Lu playfully chided the bigger man, who remained silent.

“It does! How cute,” Lucian said, looking up at Kal with an ornery grin. While maintaining eye contact, the redhead took the thick dick into his mouth. Kaladin pushed back Lucian’s hair and held it in place to watch the smaller man work. Letting his eyes close, Lucian let the dick slide in and out of his mouth while pressing his tongue into its underside. Each forward motion took in more and more of his length till he mouthed it entirely. While deep throating Kaladin, Lucian squeezed the big man’s ass cheeks and breathed in his earthy, masculine musk.

Having about enough, Kaladin tugged on Lucian’s head. An audible pop sounded from Lu’s mouth when Kal pulled his dick out. This left Lucian with a lewd expression on his face, mouth glossy and hanging agape. Kaladin took this opportunity to lean over and give the redhead a deep, messy kiss. Finishing the kiss, they gazed at each other, eyes full of lust.

“Rollover,” Kaladin said in a low, deep voice. Lucian gladly flipped over on the bed, resting on knees and elbows.

“How’s this big guy, like what you see?” Lucian tainted, wiggling his ass at the dark-haired man. A hand could be felt on Lu’s hip. A moment later, a loud slap echoed in the room as Kaladin’s other hand met Lucian’s butt cheek.

“Dammit, Lucian! You fucking tease,” Kaladin said, almost growling, rubbing at the red handprint forming on Lu’s skin.

“Oooh yes… punish me more, Kal,” Lucian cooed, very much enjoying himself. With a heavy sigh, Kaladin gave up on trying to fight against Lu’s constant teasing and focused on pleasuring him instead. Wetting two fingers with his mouth, Kaladin pressed the digits onto the short man’s hole. He massaged and probed his fingers into Lucian, prompting moan after moan from the redhead. His entrance became more relaxed, allowing Kal’s digits to be inside him fully. Lucian’s moans turned into whimpers.

He pleaded to the bigger man, “Please, Kal, more.”

“Hmm, more what?” Kaladin asked, still fingering Lu’s hole.

“Haa… fuck me… please,” the short man pleaded again.

“I am. You’ll need to be a little more specific,” a knowing grin growing on Kaladin’s face.

“Ha…ha… I want… your dick… inside me… now,” Lucian panted, fingertips digging into the sheets. Happy to see Lu get all worked up, Kaladin removed his fingers. He spits into his hand, using the moisture to lube up the tip of his cock. With a hand, Kal parted Lu’s cheeks enough to glide his dick over the twitching hole. He repeated the action before sliding his manhood inside of Lucian. Kal tried his best to slowly push in, giving Lu the time to acclimate, even though the small man’s tight hole wasn’t making it any easier to resist. Feeling Lucian push back on him to continue, Kaladin inched the rest of his length into him.

“Holy shit, Kal, it's in so deep,” Lucian moaned, reaching back and squeezing the bigger man’s thigh.

“Yeah, well, I’m finding it hard to control myself,” Kaladin said, leaning over to kiss the nape of Lucian’s neck. He trailed his hands down to the small of Lu’s back, placing a hand there to thrust in and out of the petite man timidly. Lucian winced, still not used to Kaladin’s size, but as the dark-haired man continued to push into Lu smoothly, the feeling became much more pleasurable.

“Oh yes… fuck yes,” Lucian moaned out.

“Ha… yeah, you like that,” Kaladin grunted, feeling the redhead’s hole tighten around his manhood. The bigger man increased his pace, snapping his hips forward, causing a slapping sound against Lucian’s soft cheeks. Both men breathed heavily. All sounds of pleasure escaped their lips as they enjoyed the sensation of each other’s bodies. Kaladin grabbed the smaller man’s shoulder, giving him more leverage to thrust into him harder. Using his other hand to guide Lucian’s hips onto his own, Kal could feel the redhead’s legs quivering.

“Gods, Kal! Hah… can’t hold on… any longer,” Lucian said, feeling at the brink of collapse.

“I got you,” Kaladin responded, scooping Lu up with an arm and supporting his weight by holding him close. Lucian held onto the muscular arm draped across his chest with tired arms. He moaned out with every impact the bigger man’s hips made with his own. Kaladin’s thrusts became more chaotic as he inched closer and closer to climax.

“Fill me, big guy,” Lucian breathed.

Lucian’s dirty talk pushed Kaladin to his peak, thrusting deep inside the redhead before cumming. He continued to weakly push into Lucian till Kaladin felt like he had nothing left to give. A wave of exhaustion flowed over the bigger man causing him to bury his face in the crook of Lucian’s neck. Both men stayed like this for a while, resting till their breathing and heartbeats alike calmed down.

Planting a kiss on Lu’s neck, Kaladin laid the smaller man onto the bed. He pulled out of Lu which caused Kal to hiss at the sensation. Quickly looking for something to clean up with, Kaladin spotted a discarded towel on the floor. Using it to clean up the redhead and himself before any troublesome mess found its way onto the bedsheets.


Lucian laid there face down in the bed, his whole body feeling more than ready to sleep. Without even raising his head, his words sounded muffled to Kaladin’s ears, “Kal, my underwear, please.”

Upon finding his underclothes in one of the random piles on the floor, Kaladin tossed the garment at Lucian’s prone form. He did not attempt to catch it as it landed on his back.

“Need help,” Lucian's muffled voice said, lazily raising an arm up to grab at the clothing. Shaking his head at how dramatic Lucian was acting, Kal walked over and helped the petite man with the garment. With his bottom successfully covered, Lu crawled his way up the bed to rest his head on a pillow. He rolled over to his side and looked up at Kaladin with a toothy smile said, “Thanks.”

Chuckling to himself, Kaladin crosses his arms and says, “Lu, you can be such a pain in the ass.”

“You too, Kal. Quite literally,” Lucian retorted, raising an eyebrow at his response. Both men laughed at Lucian’s corny joke. Still chuckling, Kaladin digs through his clothes and pulls on his underwear, muttering the word ‘dork’ under his breath. In his lounged position, Lucian watched as Kaladin continued to gather up his clothing, sparking a question in his mind.

“Are you leaving?” Lucian asked, feeling a bit crestfallen.

“What? No! I wouldn’t pass up a chance to fall asleep with you cuddled in my arms. I’m just cleaning up a bit,” Kaladin said, depositing the pile of clothes at the foot of the bed.

“Oh okay,” Lucian sounded relieved, then asked, “But you spent two gold on that room.”

“At this point, I would say it's been gold worth spending. Even though there was a bit of a mishap, this night has been amazing. Better than I could ever hope for,” Kaladin said, not shying away when the blush deepened on his face.

“Well then, get over here, big guy. You promised me some snuggles,” Lucian said, arms held wide, beckoning the tall man to join him in bed. More than happy to, Kaladin made his way back into bed. He crawled up Lucian and kissed his lips sweetly before resting his head on Lu’s chest. Listening to the rhythmic pattern of Lucian’s heartbeat, Kaladin could feel the petite man’s arms wrap around him in a tight embrace.

“I don’t want to be selfish, but I want every night with you to be like this,” Kaladin said, sounding wistful.

“It’s not selfish when the feeling is mutual. I want this too, Kaladin. I never want to leave your side,” Lucian said while petting Kaladin’s head. He buries his face into Kal’s hair and plants a kiss on the top of his head.

“I promise never to leave you, Lucian,” Kaladin vowed, bringing his arms up to cradle the redhead. Feeling comforted in each other's arms, the hunters drifted off into a peaceful slumber.


This brings an end to their celebratory night out, but many more adventures and misfortunes await these two in the years to come. Lucian’s tale continues to unfold, and his journey to unravel the mystery behind Kaladin’s disappearance.


The scene where Kaladin lays his head on Lucian's chest

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