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The Rage-filled Barbarian, Ceha Hornraven

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

aka. Ursa Veta

  • Female Human/Kalashtar

  • Age: 28

  • Height: 5’11”

  • Hair Color: Platinum Blonde

  • Eye Color: Light Blue

  • Skin Color: Pale Ivory


  • Totem Warrior (Bear)/Feywild Soul

  • Outlander

  • P4, F4, I1, B4


Pictures of Ceha


Ceha was the daughter of the Hornraven’s Chieftain, Eira, a kind but firm mother. For many generations, the Hornraven bloodline has been powerful forest druids, passed down from mother to daughter, dating back to their founder, Sigrun, the raven queen. Ceha was to inherit the title of Chieftain when she came of age, but fate had other plans for young Ceha.

The clan was attacked during the night, Eira was conflicted on whether to take on the role of a caring mother or be the firm leader they all needed. After deciding, Eira instructed her younger sister, Ava, to care for Ceha and raise her right. With some stiff words from Eira, Ava finally agreed to leave with Ceha in tow. They were the only clan members to survive that night.

Ava was a mean and hateful caregiver, assaulting Ceha verbally and physically on occasion. After Ava succumbed to a deadly illness, Ceha felt relieved to be purged of her vindictive aunt.

Homeless and alone, Ceha wandered the northern forest of her homeland Zukova. Being weak from hunger, she slumped down to the forest floor, unable to move any further. Fearing for the young human’s life, a fey creature appeared before her as a grizzly bear. After a short time, Ceha grew to love her new home and accustomed to calling the mother figure she truly deserved by the name “Silvana.”

Calamity inflicted Ceha’s heart once again, in a similar form as before. Dwarvian (Duergar) hunters slaughtered the bear kin she comes to love. Silvana sacrificed her life to save Ceha from a lethal ax blow. Ceha was then chained and made to be a slave for the murderess Dwarves.

Not being able to recall much of the bloody memory of her escape from enslavement, she does vaguely remember a ritual she was the catalyst for fueling their twisted enchantments. A rage-filled haze blocked all events after that, but one thing she did know was that a giant hammer suited her nicely.


Pictures of Silvana (Ceha's fey spirit)


Ceha's "training" at the Monastery

First week

Ceha asked Shan Wu a lot of questions about himself like; what does he mean when he said he was an avatar for Dalamadur? Is his body, Shan Wu’s physical form real or a spirit? Has he ever left the monastery or if he can leave? Does he age and how old he is? And other questions to get to know him better. To feel more comfortable in his presence. She also checks him out when he’s (hopefully) not looking. She wonders how strong he is; is it the strength of Dalamadur or does he have his own strength.

She does talk about herself and what she does know of her past. Also answers any questions Shan Wu has about her.

One night, after a tough training session, while having dinner, Ceha passes out at the table after asking for a second bowl of rice. Shan Wu picks her up and carries her off to bed. Noting to himself how cute she looked with rice stuck to her face.


Pictures of Shan Wu and his dragon form, Dalamadur

Shan Wu

(pronounced like Shawn)

  • Human avatar of a Dragon God

  • Age appearance: 30s

  • Height: 6'2"


Second week

Lots of meditation

*Ceha starts to get nervous and excited just being close to Shan Wu.

(Day 1) The first couple of days she was being led through meditation by Shan Wu, being there to watch over the process so she didn’t overwork herself

(Day 2) Shan Wu uses some monk powers to tap into her mind to help find the tether of magic after Ceha’s first day left her frustrated after failing to get anywhere on the previous day. He sees some of Ceha’s past while helping her

(Day 3) Shan Wu tells Ceha to go unwind in the hot spring after a tough meditation session. Working through past experiences is not easy. Ceha begins to change out of her clothes and into her bathing suit when Shan Wu comes into the changing room. Shan Wu failed to mention he would be joining her, so the room divider was not closed. She was facing away at that moment so all he could see was her bareback and the side of her breast as she was taking off her top. He quickly closes the divider and admonishes her for leaving it open, all the while trying to calm his breathing and raising heart rate. Sitting in the hot spring together was a bit awkward at first with Shan Wu walking in on Ceha, also for her as well, seeing Shan Wu wearing only tight shorts. The (sexually) tense-filled moment passed when Shan Wu asked about how Ceha learned Sylvan. For the rest of the bath, they talked about Fae creatures and the like.

During dinner after “bath time”, Shan Wu suggests doing some research on the Fae creatures she mentioned and for Ceha to continue her daily meditation as planned.


How Ceha was imagining Shan Wu and herself in the hot spring ;)

(Day 4 and 5) Shan Wu did his research during the day as Ceha meditated. Her mood started to shift; his absence was very apparent from how their time had been spent so far. On the fifth day during dinner, Ceha sits there alone, halfheartedly pushing food around on her plate. Shan Wu finally shows up for dinner with multiple books in hand. He sits and continues to read while eating dinner. He offhandedly asks her, “How was your meditation today? Going well I hope.”

Ceha answers with a short “mhmm” while still staring at her half-eaten food. Shan Wu realizes her lack of appetite and the somber aura she was giving off. Determined to help Ceha’s mood, he suggests that they spar tomorrow. Sparring with Shan Wu had been something Ceha would ask him a lot during the first week of training. “Wait...really?! Well be ready to have your butt kicked,” Ceha taunts Shan Wu with a cocky grin, then eagerly digs into her food.

(Day 6) Sparring went as planned, Shan Wu laid down the ground rules for how the bout should go; no face or headshots, no raging, and to remember it's a sparring match and to learn from your opponent, not to kill them. Even with her previous taunting, Ceha in fact was the one to have her butt kicked. It may have been a lost fight for her, but Ceha was glad to have his attention again, something she never thought she needed.

(Day 7) Meditation went great, Ceha felt really close to breaking through to her inner magic. Although the same can’t be said for the sparring match. After several failed attacks, Ceha’s frustration begins to build within her. A kick from Shan Wu sends Ceha 10 feet across the dojo floor. This sets Ceha’s frustration into overdrive, causing her to rage. Doing so finally triggered her Feywild magic to unleash and teleported her face to face with Shan Wu. With this unexpected action, Shan Wu tries to perry her incoming attack, but his fist connects with her face instead. This startle both himself and Ceha to inaction. Finally realizing what had just happened from his actions, Shan Wu gently cups Ceha’s face in his hands. Using his thumb to wipe away the blood that starts to well upon her bottom lip.

“Ceha...I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you like that,” Shan Wu said, as he continues to brush the blood away.

“It's okay...I’m okay. I’m okay,” Ceha says with a shuddering breath.

He gives her a sad smile and is about to apologize again when he sees in her eyes a dim glow of power fading away along with her rage-filled aura.

“Ceha, you did it! You unlocked your powers,” said Shan Wu, moving his hands to her shoulders and giving them a good squeeze.

“Yeah, I guess I did!” Ceha said, chuckling and smiling.

Shan Wu returned her warm smile. He softly calls her name to draw her gaze up to his. As she matched his admiring look, Shan Wu caressed his hand a long Ceha’s shoulder and up the back of her neck. Planting his fingers into her hair, while cradling the nape of her neck in his palm. He pulls her in for a kiss. Ceha slowly glides her hands up and around his chest, sinking deeper into his embrace. Feeling her warm, voluptuous curves press into his body, he pulls back just enough to reangle her face to kiss her more passionately.



Third week

Other cute and spicy couple stuff between Ceha and Shan Wu I may write about later. ;)

If you are interested in reading some smut about Ceha and Shan Wu, let me know in the comments below.

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