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The Quick-Witted Artificer, Nikola Tesla'tari

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Male Eladrin elf (Custom Origin)

o Age: 21

o Height/Weight/Build: 5’8”, 140lbs, Thin

o Hair Color: Teal (Winter), Pink (Spring), Blonde (Summer), Chestnut (Fall)

o Eye Color: Grey

o Skin Color: Olive


o Alchemist Subclass

o Guild Artisan


P3, F6, I3, B1

Array Custom Origin Total

o Str. 8 8

o Dex. 14 +1 15

o Con. 13 13

o Int. 15 +2 17

o Wis. 12 12

o Cha. 10 10


o Common

o Elvish

o Sylvan


Pictures of Nikola and his hero forge mini.



He is an Eladrin elf, born to a wood elf mother and a high elf father. His father was once an adventurer and was quite a skilled wizard. After retiring from the adventuring lifestyle, he focused on studying the Feywild. His mother was helping run an apothecary when they met each other. Before long, they got married and had little Nikola.

Nikola was an intelligent child, soaking up all the teachings both his mother and father had to offer, such as making potions to identify herbs correctly. Also, learning how to formulate spells and to conjure them into existence. He would sometimes join his father in exploring the Feywild.

One of his favorite books as a child was called “Ursa-Veta: The Rage filled Warrior” by P.T. Cyble; even though Nikola was told that it was just about a myth/legend, he believed that the heroine of the story was real and wished he could meet someone like her one day.

Around Nikola’s 121st birthday, he tends to his mother’s apothecary and feels bored out of his mind. He didn’t want to be stuck in a small village for much longer and very much wanted to explore the world; outside of the books he read. He decided to leave, so he packed up clothes, foodstuff, gold, and his father’s old adventuring gear and set off on his adventure.


Character Questions

  • Name meaning: Victory of the people

  • Nickname: Koala (given to him by his mother)

  • Taste in clothes: Witch aesthetic clothes, Witchy boho

  • Grooming habits: He loves to paint his nails and style his hair for the day

  • Good Habits: Gets plenty of Sun, stays active, loves fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Bad habits: Staying up way too late working on his various hobbies

  • Hobbies: Gardening, Alchemy, Botany, Drawing and cataloging new plants

  • Family situation: Mother and Father are both alive and healthy. They are very protective of him and overbearing, causing him to leave and explore his place in the world.

  • Friend situation: Has no friends.

  • Deepest Fear: Having his true self be rejected or made fun of

  • Worst that could happen to them: Failing his family and having someone close die from a choice he made

  • Favorite thing: A book called “Ursa-Veta: The Rage filled Warrior” by P.T. Cyble

  • Favorite person/ Role model: The Rage filled Warrior, Ceha Hornraven

  • Something he’s reluctant to tell people about: his dislike for his soft features and height

  • Opinion on sex/relationships: He is a virgin and has never been in a relationship. But would like to have a meaningful relationship with someone before having sex with them.

  • Major flaws: Prideful, Perfectionist, Jealous of people who are better at crafting than he is

  • How do they feel about themselves: He has low self-esteem from being bullied for his looks and likes.

  • Act the same when alone: No, around other people, he tries to project more manliness and feels he needs to act tough.

  • Enjoys: Making and drinking herbal teas, being in nature

  • Has never done: Been kissed, drank alcohol, killed someone

  • Hates: Bullies and feeling cooped up

  • What innocent thing can they be bribed with? A long hug and head pets

  • What innocent thing do they do when no one is watching? He loves to hum while he’s working, talks to his plants as he’s watering or tending them

  • Cuddler?: Gods yes!

  • What are their three favorite smells? Cactus flower petal, coconut, and vanilla

  • Goals: One of his goals is to get a Fey creature as a familiar.

Picture of a Familiar he wants to have

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