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The Flamboyant Rogue, Lucian Gemblade

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

aka. Lu, Lucy, maybe George Washington

  • Male Dwelf --Hill dwarf/Wood Elf

  • Age: 92

  • Height: 5’6”

  • Hair Color: Marron

  • Eye Color: Light Tan

  • Skin Color: Pale Honey


  • Soulknife/Assassin

  • Urban Bounty Hunter

  • P5, F4, I5, B6


Pictures of Lucian


Lucian is a Dwelf, half-dwarf half-elf, and does not feel like he belongs to either race. He often feels like an outcast. He was either orphaned or abandoned around 15 and only remembers his dwarf mother and wood elf father. He spent a lot of his young life living on the streets, stealing, and doing other nefarious acts to stay alive.

Kaladin "Stormblessed"

  • Male Half-Elf

  • Age: 22 (Lucian is 27 when they first meet)

  • Height: 6'

  • Hair color: Black

  • Eye color: Light blue, flecked with gold

  • Skin color: Pale Ivory


Picture of Kaladin


Kaladin's younger years

Kaladin’s mother was a high elf of a noble family. She had him out of wedlock and had to send him away for not being a pureblood. She gave Kaladin his father’s amulet of Valkur before sending him to a caretaker by ship.

Kaladin never made it to his new caretaker; a storm destroyed the ship, and he was the only one to survive that night. Local fishers found him washed ashore. They were surprised he lived through that hell of a storm, but upon seeing his amulet of Valkur, one of the fishermen told him Valkur saw fit to save young Kal, thus making him Stormblessed.

Many more times in Kaladin’s life, he survives close calls, just further verifying his title of Stormblessed.


Skipping forward several years, Lucian was caught stealing from an infamous gang. Their leader gave Lucian an ultimatum, gather essential intel on the new bounty hunter in town or be gutted here and now. Lucian chose the former option and set out to tale the bounty hunter known as Kaladin “Stormblessed.”

Kaladin knew right away that this young Dwelf man (Lucian) he keeps seeing pop up around town was up to something. So Kaladin put himself in a situation to be alone and confront the young man.

Kaladin blindsided Lucian. Being a novice at tracking and stealth, Lucian did not stand a chance against Kaladin’s skills. Feeling defeated and as good as dead, Lucian quickly spills on why he followed Kaladin and what would happen if he did not. He continues to ramble on about his situation in life. Kaladin feels a kinship with Lucian and develops a plan to help him out of this predicament.

Lucian and Kaladin work as a team to infiltrate and take down the gang’s leader. After collecting the bounty, Kaladin offers to help mentor Lucian and work together as Bounty hunters.

For the next ten years, Lu and Kal travel around Farrenal, making contracts, tracking bounties, and making a network of contacts across the continent. At the beginning of their relationship, there was a mentor/student dynamic, but over time, it changed to partners, then finally to lovers.


Pictures of Lucian and Kaladin together


Feeling very confident and somewhat cocky, Lucian attempts to do a challenging contract without Kaladin’s help. He wanted to prove to Kal and himself that he is a capable bounty hunter. Lucian didn’t gather enough intel before infiltrating the target’s home and was met with more guards than he expected. Lucian did what he could, sneaking around and taking guards out one at a time.

Unfortunately, an unseen alarm alerts the remaining guards to his position. He tries to escape but is quickly apprehended and brought before the master of the house. He commends Lucian for making it so far but is visibly frustrated that it’s just Lucian who showed up. He asks where his partner, Kaladin was and why he wasn’t there with him. Lucian remains silent; the target continues to say that this was a trap for Kaladin, but no matter, they can use Lucian as an incentive to bring Kaladin here, guaranteed.

The target taunts Lucian by saying that he should send a body part of Lucian to Kaladin to goad him into action. He grabs Lucian’s ear and begins to slice into the back of it when a long sword pierces through the man’s chest, nearly missing Lucian. As the man’s body slumps to the floor, Lucian can see Kaladin breathing heavily and covered in blood. Whether or not the blood is Kaladin’s, Lucian couldn’t tell.

Kaladin removes a ring from the man’s corpse, and before their eyes, the body changes to that of a different person. Kaladin tosses the ring to Lucian and tells him this isn’t the target. He used a magic ring to alter their appearance to look like the person he was contracted to find.

Kaladin pleads for Lucian to leave, to run away from this place. Lucian refuses and argues that by working together, they can take out the rest of the guards. Kaladin begins to rebuttal when a cloaked figure enters the room and starts to cast a spell. Kaladin quickly pushes Lucian out a two-story window before the fireball goes off. Lucian hits the ground, knocking the wind out of him, and his vision goes dark. Before succumbing to unconsciousness, he could see the fire flare and burn out the window.

Lucian wakes to rain falling on his face. He quickly sits up and scopes out his surroundings. The house is no longer on fire, and Lu begins to panic. He carefully makes his way up to the room he last saw Kaladin, hoping to find clues on his whereabouts. Searching through the ashen room, Lucian finds Kaladin’s amulet covered in ash and dried blood.

Not finding any other clues to Kaladin’s whereabouts inside the house, he turns to ask his network of contacts for any leads. Days of searching turn to weeks, to months, to years. After two years of desperately hunting for any lead, no matter how small, Lucian could find nothing. Feeling defeated, Lucian finally admits that he’ll never find Kaladin and that he may no longer be a part of the living.

Fifty-three years later, Lucian learned to unlock his potential with Psionic powers. He doesn’t fully trust anyone person nor organization, for that matter.

Lucian has multiple identities, one being a female persona named Lucy. He uses the magic ring Kaladin tossed him to alter himself to take on this persona to gather information and for infiltration purposes.


Playing Lucian

Within our campaign at the moment, Lucian was made aware that Kaladin is in fact still alive but in hiding. He made a deal with some forest hags; they will break the previous deal they made with Kaladin to hide him and tell Lucian his whereabouts. In return, Lucian must assassinate someone of the hags choosing when the time is right.

An aspect of Lucian's personality that came about while role-playing him, is that he's a bit of a flirt. He loves teasing his fellow party members by making suggestive comments or giving a good old ass grab. He does this to gauge how people would react to unexpected things, but mostly because he feels lonely.

Spending over 5 decades working by himself, he's scared to trust anyone and not sure how to rely on anyone other than himself. (Not to mention the built-up sexual frustration he must have.) He wants companions but has the feeling they would leave him behind as Kaladin did.


I really love this couple and if you are interested in reading or seeing some "spicy" content about them, let me know in the comments below.

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