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The Analytical Sorlock, Val'nora Slickbot

Female Sea-elf/Gnome

  • Age: 83

  • Height: 5’7” (w/out boots 5’5”)

  • Hair Color: Purple to white ombre

  • Eye Color: Deep blue

  • Skin Color: Light Blue

Multiple class

  • Warlock: The Celestial

  • Patron: Jazirian

  • Pact of the Chain

  • Sorcerer: Aquamancy

  • Patron: Deep Sashelas

  • Sage:6

  • P3, F2, I1, B5


Pictures of Val'nora


Liza and her late husband, Lanwin, were researchers working at a university off the coast of (place holder for city name). They both studied the endemic life found on the shores and in nearby tide pools. While out on the sea one stormy night, Liza and Lanwin’s boat was crushed by the waves. Before they became fully submerged, Lanwin was able to fasten a life vest on Liza. Moments later, Lanwin was swept away by the water, never to be seen again.

On the anniversary of Lanwin’s disappearance, Liza visited their favorite tide pool because it was always brimming with aquatic flora and fauna. She mourns for her lost husband and their chance to have a family. She calls to the gods to repay her for taking Lanwin’s life too soon. Two Deities took notice of her plight, Deep Sashelas and Jazirian. From Liza’s tears that fell into the tide pool, life was formed by Deep Sashelas’ guidance. Jazirian, being interested in this matter, also sent their blessing in the form of a winged snake to watch over the budding life forming in the tide pool.

Liza returns a few days later to gather samples to find squawking sea birds crowding her favored tide pool. On closer inspection, she finds a flying snake fighting off birds from a blue-skin baby. Liza quickly shooed the birds away, but the snake remained, protectively coiling around the small child. Liza reaches down to pick up the baby while the snake poises to strike. A coo from the child forgoes the snake’s attack and lets Liza pick up the strange baby girl.

As the child grew, Liza noticed more and more of herself reflected in the girl’s behavior and appearance, cemented the fact that the Gods answered her call with a gift of a baby girl. Liza named her, Val’nora, a mix of Lanwin and Liza’s middle names.

The winged snake remained by Val’nora’s side as she grew up, for wherever Val’nora would go, her snake friend was sure to follow, watching over her. She names him Song Yun.

Val’nora grew up at the university where her mother worked. She loved learning at a young age and excelled at anything her mother could throw at her. Languages, math, the sciences, the arcane, etc., She was excited to learn it all, but as she got older, one thing that bugged her was the strange fate of her birth. It was a thorn in her side, and it couldn’t be explained away by science or by arcana. Her mother, Liza, was fine to leave it as a miracle granted by the gods, but Val couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Sometime in her 50’s, Val notes that Song Yun’s lifespan is much longer than most flying snakes, like decades longer. Upon testing his scales and taking a blood sample, the results were the same as when she tested him back in her early 20’s. He’s not normal but appears no different than other flying snakes in the regain. She will continue to keep a close eye on him.

It was around Val’nora’s 80th birthday when the university came under attack by sea fairing bandits. Val hurriedly led her mother and Song Yun to a back room in one of the laboratories inside the university. Once inside, Val told her mother to hide in one of the small cabinets and that she’d be in the wardrobe behind the door. It wasn’t long before Val could hear muffled voices and glass breaking in the room behind her. She held Song Yun close to her, fearful for their lives. Val’nora’s heart picked up in pace when the voices increased in volume and made out what was said. They were to search everything and take anything of value. Val’s mind raced; there was no way out of this room and how to defend her mother and herself from the bandits. If only she had taken some time to learn a martial skill, maybe she could stand a chance.

It was when she felt that all hope was lost, a voice spoke to her. Val froze. Where did that voice come from? It spoke to her again.

“Child of the sea, listen to me,” the voice said in a commanding tone. The voice had a draconic nature to it but also was comforting as well. It felt foreign yet strangely familiar at the same time.

“I have heard your pleas. Now I shall answer thee,” said the voice spoke. Val could feel all around her as time slowed down to a crawl. When all was still, it spoke again, “Speak, young one.”

“Who…. who are you?” Val’nora asked with a shaky voice.

“I am known as Jazirian, and I’ve been watching over you for some time now. Your little companion is one of my followers, being my eyes and ears. If you so choose, form a pact with me. Together you’ll both grow in understanding and power as well," the voice answered.

“So, will I be able to save my mother with this so-called ‘power’ you are offering? How do I know if you didn’t orchestrate this whole situation to trap me in a contract?” Val’nora said, crossing her arms. Song Yun hovered around her with a concerned look on his reptilian face.

“Dear child, you are right to question the actions of a deity. Not all are honest or trustworthy. I don’t seek to deceive, only to ensure that an investment of mine can flourish. The choice is yours to make, form a pact with me or don’t.”

Val’nora stood there in thought, running the choice over in her mind again and again. Song Yun rubbed his scaly face against her cheek and looked up into her eyes upon seeing her brow furrow. Her face softens under his gaze, giving him a small smile.

“I’ve made my decision, but first, I have one more question to ask. Why was I created?” Val’nora asked while taking Song Yun into her arms.

“That would be an answer I could not give you; only your progenitor would know,” the voice of Jazirian stated.

“My mother knows not of how or why I came about,” Val said, looking frustrated.

“No young one, I speak not of your mother but of the God who did so. My involvement was solely to protect you when they failed to do so,” the voice said, sounding slightly irritated, but Val could sense it wasn’t towards her. “I digress; what is your choice?”

Looking down at Song Yun one more time before raising her head, “I, Val’nora Slickbot, accept this pact offered by the deity Jazirian.”

The voice did not answer, but a feeling of acceptance and understanding flowed into her, filling her mind. In the same instance, time lurched forward suddenly, and Val felt breathless as if she had been holding it for a long time. There was no time to recover when she heard and felt the door to the room smashed into the wardrobe she was hiding in. From the sudden noise, she could hear her mother scream.

“Someone’s in here,” a masculine voice shouted.

Adrenalin pumping through her veins, she pushed open the wardrobe to find two bandits dragging her mother. Without realizing it, her hands formed a complex pattern in the air, and a word of power came to the forefront of her mind.

“Eldritch Blast!” Val’nora spoke as a bright light of force energy shot from her outstretched hand. In quick secession, she let out another blast, catching both bandits off guard. Val rushed forward, grabbing her mother, and held a defensive posture in front of her.

One bandit appeared unresponsive on the ground while the other got his footing and pointed his dagger at her, “You’re going to pay for that, you blue bitch.” He charged. Weaving a new pattern in the air and with a snap, she spoke, “Sacred Flame.” The man caught fire, and bright white flames burnt him to ash.

Val’nora was able to hold off the other bandits who dared to come at her and her mother. Before long, the University guards were able to fight off the bandit attack and reestablish order to the campus.

That night was a profound event in Val’nora’s life; she discovered more about herself and created more questions that needed to be answered in the process. She knew she wouldn’t find them here at the university, so with a heavy heart, Val’nora told her mother that it was time she ventured out to find herself.

Val’nora seeks to find out her origin and the implications of having the eye of two different Gods and what they intend to do with her.

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